The Business Side of Photography – My First Year as a Photographer

Photography is a tough business to be in.  The advent of cellphone cameras has meant the demise of staff photographers on many publications or even the demise of the actual publications.

Business PlanMost often, photography jobs are contract or freelance, paid by the job or image, or not paid at all.  The business owner who might need a few pictures for publicity doesn’t understand why these cost hundreds of dollars.  Often they wonder if the photographer should be paying them, for the opportunity to publish the work and be noticed. Continue reading “The Business Side of Photography – My First Year as a Photographer”

Joe McNally

Every once in a while, if we are lucky, we have an ah-hah moment.  In my case, having retired from an unrelated career, I’ve been wondering just how far I could take my photography, both artistically and commercially.  It’s always been apparent that this field is highly competitive.  It was less apparent that the value of professional photography had diminished over time, what with the proliferation of both on-the-spot cellphone professionals and software that can make almost any image look professional.

Then I met Joe McNally.  Well, at least met him online.Joe McNally

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My Ideal Weekend – Photo Shoot One Day, Photo Course The Next

Now that school is done for the year, you might ask how I’m filling my time.  My tag line is “I’m Not Happy Unless I’m Learning”. True to that saying, I’ve been seeking out opportunities to grow as a photographer and person, and I had two perfect examples this weekend.

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Portraits Anyone?

One of the most difficult tasks for any photographer is getting the perfect shot of a person who is staring back at you while you do it.  It is so much easier to photograph a wildflower, a building, an artefact.  Even what’s known as “street photography”, where unposed and candid photos of people are taken, presents less of a challenge.Broken Lens

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