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After 39 years of working elsewhere, Nina is now a photographer, and graduate of Durham College’s Digital Photography Program.

She spent her professional business career delivering change to people who didn’t want it (and learning a lot about human nature along the way).  She acquired two university degrees in Science (B.Sc.) and Business (MBA).  Her career also included a stint in the Air Force Reserve.  Through this, she had the privilege of getting to know some of Canada’s first astronauts.  She helped conduct experiments aboard special zero gravity aircraft – and experienced the joy of floating in space.

In 2014, it was time take her lifelong passion for photography and “focus” on being an artist – through the training offered at Durham College.   Two scholarships, along with permanent residence on the honour roll, say that she made the right choice.  She’s not happy unless she’s learning.

Nina is now the owner of Nina Kirienko Photography.  She is especially drawn to fine art, architectural, landscape and event photography, but enjoys almost any form of image-taking.  The world is full of fascinating natural and man-made landmarks, many of which tell compelling stories of survival or imagination or both.  Her aim is to find and photograph as many of them as she can.  When she does photograph people, she most enjoys portraying them in a place or situation that inspires them.

Nina loves talking about her personal journey and sharing insights along the way.  She has become a regular speaker on the local camera club circuit.  And in July of 2019, she accepted the role of Program and Education Director for the Oshawa Camera Club.  She delights in helping others grow as photographers.

Nina Kirienko lives just outside Toronto, Canada.  Most summers will find her in the garden or taking pictures.  Winters are a whole different matter.

Download a copy of my bio here:

Nina Kirienko Profile

View my latest portfolio here:

Download a PDF copy of my portfolio here:

Nina Kirienko Photography Portfolio 2016 (PDF Version)

A bit of backstory on one of the techniques I use as a photographer:

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love your site. It is simple and easy to use. You have a real creative flair and this is a wonderful outlet that lets others share it with you. I am also enjoying your blogs…..your creativity reflects there too.


    1. Hey, Kelly:
      Thanks for checking out my website and the great comment. As I was building it, I wondered if I would pass the “Norgate” test. See what effect you’ve had on me! Miss you too and looking forward to seeing you soon.


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