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225a0024-for-webAfter 39 years of working elsewhere, I’m now a photographer, and graduate of Durham College’s Digital Photography Program.

I spent my professional business career delivering change to people who didn’t want it (and learning a lot about human nature along the way).  And along the way, two university degrees in Science (B.Sc.) and Business (MBA).  My career also included a stint in the Air Force Reserve, where I learned about maintaining helicopters and had the privilege of getting to know some of Canada’s first astronauts.  Flew weightless while conducting life sciences experiments – twice.

In 2014, it was time take my lifelong passion for photography and “focus” on being an artist – through the frame of a lens and the training offered at Durham College.   Two scholarships later, along with permanent residence on the honour roll, tell me I made the right choice.  I’m not happy unless I’m learning.

I’m now the owner of Nina Kirienko Photography.  I am especially drawn to fine art, architectural, landscape and event photography, but enjoy almost any form of image-taking.  The world is full of fascinating natural and man-made landmarks, many of which tell compelling stories of survival or imagination or both.  My aim is to find and photograph as many of them as I can.  When I do photograph people, I most enjoy portraying them in a place or situation that inspires them.

I’ve also experimented with video production, and enjoy delivering documentary, interview or profile pieces, particularly when they showcase the life or artistry of colleagues.

I live just outside Toronto, Canada.  Most summers will find me in the garden or taking pictures.  Winters are a whole different matter.

Download a copy of my bio here:

Nina Kirienko Profile

View my latest portfolio here:

Download a PDF copy of my portfolio here:

Nina Kirienko Photography Portfolio 2016 (PDF Version)

A bit of backstory on one of the techniques I use as a photographer:

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love your site. It is simple and easy to use. You have a real creative flair and this is a wonderful outlet that lets others share it with you. I am also enjoying your blogs…..your creativity reflects there too.


    1. Hey, Kelly:
      Thanks for checking out my website and the great comment. As I was building it, I wondered if I would pass the “Norgate” test. See what effect you’ve had on me! Miss you too and looking forward to seeing you soon.


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